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January 13, 2016

Clinique Happy Perfume Collection For Women

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The fragrance of Clinique Happy perfume is basically the fragrance of joy and happiness and the main purpose is to spread the happiness among others. It also gives you essence of happy morning and sunny day. It makes you feel happy when you wear it. Most of the time people prefer to wear Clinique Happy Perfume in the morning and it gives them a very strong and fresh heeling.

Clinique Happy Perfume is available with the attractive notes of freesia, lily, morning orchid and rose that make you feel fresh. Amber and Musk are included in the base of perfume. In the year 1997 this beautiful and refreshing perfume was created. There are different types of Clinique Happy Perfume are available for women and different varieties of perfumes are mentioned as under.

Clinique Happy Perfume Collection For Women

Clinique Happy Perfume

Clinique Happy Heart For Women 3.4 oz Perfume Spray New In Box Sealed

Product Description

The attractive thing of this perfume is that it leaves a Chypre floral fragrance behind you wherever you go and it makes people feel refreshing. You will definitely feel refreshing and cool when you will wear the perfume. It comes in different flavors that include orange, cucumber and cassia. These are on the top notes of this CLINIQUE HAPPY HEART FOR Women. In the middle notes of this perfume you will feel the fragrance of water hyacinth and carrot which gives such sweet aroma when you wear it or whenever you wear it.

Clinique Happy Perfume Collection For Women

The base of this perfume has Sand Wood and White Wood and it delivers a sensational and woody smell.It will make you feel comfortable and stay all day long.

Clinique Happy Perfume Collection For Women

Happy by Clinique for Women:

 Eau De Parfum Spray 1.7 Ounces

The fragrance of this beautiful perfume is simply amazing. The fragrance of this perfume includes citrusy bouquet of floral. The best time to use this perfume is day time. When you apply the perfume so keep it away from your skin because there are so many chemicals are included in the perfume.It will also effect on you and the stress level will decrease makes you feel refreshing, it will make you feel refreshing and you will feel like active all the time. It gives you a kin d of energy which makes you feel strong. Never apply the perfume on your skin especially if it is oily or dry skin.This perfume will easily work all day long and the smell of this perfume will not decrease till night.

Clinique Happy Perfume Collection For Women Clinique Happy Perfume Collection For Women

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